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Is your company struggling with AP efficiency?

Here's how a good AP automation tool can help you to be more efficient in your processes. Turn your efficiency around within days.
6 min to read
6 min to read

Implement an AP automation tool to improve your business efficiency.

AP automation includes a centralized way of capturing all your inbound invoices, and feeding them directly into your ERP system, coupled with a string workflow tool.

Reduce your invoice processing time.

With AP Automation software, businesses can have faster invoice approvals by 57% and eliminate paper from the process

Increases employee productivity by replacing costly, tedious and error-prone manual tasks with automated and accurate end to end invoice data processing, straight to your account system.

With real time validation and matching services, you can ensure invoices in error are caught early in the delivery process and supplier can correct quicker. 

This results in better control and compliance, increase cash flow visibility and management of information.

Reduce Invoice queries from your suppliers.

With real time invoice delivery, you can send invoice acceptance message to your suppliers directly, and updates to invoice status and payment processing can be sent directly to your suppliers from your ERP system.

  1. AP Automation promotes audit trail to track invoices from receipt to payment. 
  2. Fraud detection is enhanced with an automated system.

This will result in improved relationship with all the suppliers in your supply chain network.

With the right AP automation tool, it's easier to keep processes simple, scalable and stress free for your all your AP users, and enabling them to keep up with increasing invoice volume.

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