Peppol: Simplifying Global Business with DespaQ

Peppol: Simplifying Global Business with DespaQ
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8 min to read

What is Peppol?

The Peppol Framework is a secure and interoperable platform that enables easy, safe exchange of electronic business documents between public and private entities across the globe. 

Today, it has evolved beyond the original intention with its overall objective now being to enable quick and simple document exchange between public and private entities worldwide. The framework consists of both a technical message transfer system and an organizational approach for building cross-border e-document exchange networks.

Why do business through Peppol?

Peppol is a secure and effective e-invoicing solution, with an interoperable network that connects enterprises from across the world. 

Peppol provides a digital platform for all companies doing business to exchange electronic documents, including invoices and payment confirmations. The network creates transparency, reduces costs and increases efficiency in your business processes.

Which countries use Peppol?

Currently, 31 European countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa and the United States use Peppol. Malaysia is on the move and wants to expand the e-Invoicing network even further. The country also plans to join the PEPPOL network. 

How do I connect to Peppol?

To access the benefits of Peppol, you need to connect your company to the network. This can be done by connecting with a certified Peppol Service Provider (SP). The SP connects your company to the network so you can send e-invoices and other e-documents in the correct format. 

To receive e-invoices, you must obtain a Peppol ID. The ID is a unique identification number that only you have and is provided by the service provider that you have chosen. 

What’s the difference between Peppol and Peppol BIS?

In short, Peppol is the infrastructure for transferring e-documents and Peppol BIS (Business Interoperability Specifications) is the default format for documents sent through the infrastructure. 

Peppol BIS acts as a template and set of rules for how to structure the information in the e-documents.

Peppol Directory

The Peppol Directory, also known as the “yellow pages” of the network, lists all entities wishing to receive documents via the integrated network. 

The directory makes it easy for participants to find each other and identify each other’s digital capabilities.

OpenPeppol and Peppol Service Providers

The OpenPeppol consortium is a group of business professionals who gather regularly to ensure that Peppol remains an effective infrastructure for e-document exchange.

The consortium closely collaborates with stakeholders from a multitude of interest groups as well as representatives from countries that have adopted Peppol. This cooperation between participating entities means that organisations working in partnership with accredited SPs can be confident that their e-documents will be fully compliant.

The infrastructure is further strengthened by a rigorous qualification process for accredited SPs, which is either conducted through OpenPeppol or a local Peppol Authority.

Local Peppol Authorities

In order to ensure the integrity of electronic documents and data, OpenPeppol has created a series of regulations that all SPs must follow. These regulations are set out in the OpenPeppol standard, which has been adopted by 15 local Peppol Authorities around the world.

Each Authority can introduce local rules to better regulate regional e-document traffic. The variations are not limited to specific document types or registration in a particular SMP (service metadata publisher). Some variations include early adoption of communication protocol AS4.

When an Authority adapts rules, SPs with traffic in that region must also adjust their operations to ensure interoperability and compliance within the given market.

DespaQ: your trusted Peppol Service Provider

DespaQ is an accredited SP and active member of OpenPeppol, but how does this make business easier for you?

When you choose DespaQ, you’re not just getting a partner. You get the full extent of Peppol’s global reach. We stay ahead of changes in the Peppol framework so you don’t have to—we anticipate them, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.

Our extensive experience with different infrastructures and networks means that we know how to handle any format conversion necessary for compliance. Our in-house compliance team guarantees that your operations are compliant at all times, no matter where you operate or what formats you use.

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